What makes these books so special?

Everyday, I am asked this question… “What makes these books so special?”

On the left is a scene from my favorite story “The Mouse and the Cuckoo,” available only here on my website… The Children’s Bookstore.

In this part of the beautiful rhyming story the reader learns that the little Cuckoo bird is unable to say any words other than Coo koo, Coo koo. The Mouse wants desperately to be the Cuckoo’s friend. He does everything in his power to reach out to the tiny wooden bird.

His efforts fail again and again, but he never gives up. Eventually he succeeds and they fly away to freedom together. From just this one story, your kids will learn, the value of compassion and the importance of persistence.

Everyone of my books, whether they are silly like A Woop in my Soup or sentimental like The Mouse and the Cuckoo will nourish your child’s inner spirit.

That is what makes these books so special.

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