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I Sat Beside An Elephant
Your child is sure to enjoy our most popular book ever… I Sat Beside An Elephant ! When one little red haired boy’s imagination gets the better of him he thinks an elephant is sitting beside him at the bus stop. In this delightful rhyming tale for children ages 3 to 6 animals keep popping up and keeping the child from studying for school. Eventually the little boy convinces the animals to hide, and leave his imagination so that he can try to read his book. The story has a fabulous surprise ending that children never get tired of. A favorite story of over 20,000 children all around the world. $14.95


I Dreamt I Was A Princess

There’s more to being a princess than wearing a tiara! There are balls to attend and trees to climb. Most importantly being a princess is being loved by a prince who in this story is a little girls father. Better keep your happy tissue box ready when you read I Dreamt I Was A Princess. This charming story explores the magic of father daughter relationships where in the eyes of Dad, every little girl is a Princess. Although the story was written for children 4 to 8, girls as young as 2 will still enjoy the beautiful costumes and castles inside. $14.95


A Woop in my Soup

Take a look at our silliest book A Woop in my Soup. This lighting-fast paced rhyming book teaches the lesson that you should treat other people the way you would like them to be to yourself. If you forget to do this, you will get a visit from a Woop, a twelve inch tall hippie who likes to put his feet in your dinner. Children ages 4 to 8 are always delighted by the language and color of this tremendously funny kid’s book.
A Woop in my Soup is a masterpiece of fast moving rhyme. The rhymes combine with completely outrageous vividly colored illustrations to happily amaze children and adults alike. $14.95


The Amazing Animal Alphabet
Children love animals, so what better way to teach them the alphabet than by combining a collection of wild creatures big and small with the ABCs. The Amazing Animal Alphabet uses a traditional serif style type font to illustrate each letter teaching children to more easily recognize the correct shape. A unique feature of The Amazing Animal Alphabet is that it is written at two different levels of reading comprehension. This allows children from 2 to 6 to enjoy the book for years. $12.95


The Blue Berry
Red Cherry

New Berry Tree

Ever wonder when happens when you combine a Blueberry and a Cherry Seed? Tremendous magic can grow from a couple of seeds accidentally planted. In this simple rhyming allegory, a brother and sister accidentally combine a blueberry and a cherry to create something magnificent in this picture book for ages 3 to 6…
The Blue Berry Red Cherry New Berry Tree teaches children the value of teamwork and cooperation with a grander overall message that our differences can combine to create a greater good. $14.95


I Woke Up In a Tree
Don’t play too hard and fall asleep at the bottom of a tree. When you wake up you might find yourself high up in the tree’s branches.The little girl hero of I Woke Up In a Tree, wakes up and wonders how on earth did she every get up into this tree? Children ages 3 to 6 love reading these rhyming couplets filled with ridiculous explanations. Did she fly on the wind of a tiny tornado? Did a mother bear think she was a cub and place her safely up above?
I Woke Up In a Tree releases the imagination of children freeing their minds to consider what might have occurred in the past and what wonderful creative possibilities the future may hold. $14.95


The Mouse and
the Cuckoo

Here is a book for the child with a gentle heart. The Mouse and the Cuckoo tells the story of a a funny little mouse dressed in overalls who makes up his mind to rescue his dearest friend, a captive cuckoo bird. He climbs up the chain to reach the clock and leaps inside to meet the cuckoo. This is a story of true friendship that will bring tears of joy to your eyes as your child learns the importance of finding and freeing one’s inner voice.
The Mouse and the Cuckoo is an essential book for every child. It is a hand book for understanding, compassion and caring. $14.95


I Spotted A
Spotted Giraffe

Some of our books are silly and some are sentimental, but I Spotted A Spotted Giraffe is a bold adventure. For kids ages 4 to 8, this rhyming story is filled with double word sentences like I Spotted a Spotted Giraffe or I tracked him by his tracks. In this exciting story a little boy who likes to pretend he is on safari, searches the neighborhood park for a giraffe he is certain is somewhere in there hiding. And guess what? There really are giraffes hiding in the park!
I Spotted A Spotted Giraffe is a higher level reader targeted at children reading above their years and grade level. $14.95


Puppies Have Paws Kittens Have Claws

Here is the perfect first reader for children ages 1 to 5. The simple rhyme teaches vowel sounds and a comparison of objects. Children imitate the sounds of kittens and puppies as they ask themselves which would they rather be, a Puppy or a Kitten. Uniquely staged oil painting illustrations perfectly match the story helping young readers to easily follow the story.
Teaching reading comprehension begins at ten months of age. The simple questions inside Puppies have paws are perfect for this purpose. $12.95


The Heart of Nine Tigers

The Heart of Nine Tigers is a story with a huge secret! Nine year old Su Tai refuses to leave her village in Northern China even when ten thousand soldiers, led by the emperor Genghis Khan will soon overrun the town. She tries to find one person brave enough to stand with her but no one, from the strongest to the wisest will stand beside her. This fun story is loaded with clues as to her special secret that are all revealed at last. But your 8 or 9 year old reader will have to reread the book to find the clues.

With this book kids learn that true courage is not found with 10,000 soldiers standing behind you. True courage is what each of us must do when faced with challenges in our lives. $12.95


Bartram and the Blue Morning Glory

When you are a Mouse, finding a fresh warm bag of popcorn can seem like a miracle. But is that what miracles really are, wonderful gifts that fall from the sky. Or are Miracles gifts to the earth from God? A magnificent Blue Morning Glory Flower sprouts from the sand to answer this question. Through his epic adventure Bartram the beach mouse learns, and in turn teaches the reader, that miracles of nature are happening around us. $15.95


The Midget Green Swamp Moose

The rural panhandle of Florida in 1963 is a distant journey back in time for today’s kids surrounded by iPhones and Netflix. But finding one’s faith when times are filled with struggle and sadness is a timeless experience.
Here is our book for the child age 11 and up who looks within their self for answers. In The Midget Green Swamp Moose, sister and brother, 11 year old Melanie and 12 year old Brett, learn that faith will always find a ready heart and that laughter seeks a saddened soul. $11.95


Alligators Can’t Stand Butterflies

Did you know that Alligators Can’t Stand Butterflies? We thought everyone did? Most people don’t know that Birds Don’t Like to Barf either. These are just two of the ridiculously funny but tremendously educational short stories in our wonderful book about the animals, plants and insects living at the Saint Marks Wildlife Refuge.

The refuge is a tough place to live… unless you happen to be a big hungry ‘Gator!
Kids learn great facts about nature in this marvelous book for both boys and girls ages 7 to 12. $12.95


The White Handkerchief

Our newest fairy tale, The White Handkerchief is a heart tugging story about a small boy and his grandmother. Every year on his birthday she gives him a white handkerchief tied at the top with a piece of string. And in each gift she has managed to place the keys to his latest dream.
Wisdom and youthful enthusiasm melt together here to create joyous magic. Here is story no grandmother and grand child would ever want to miss sharing together.
The White Handkerchief is a journal for a lifetime of love. $10.95


The Dancing Shoes

Author Keith Lawrence Roman considers, The Dancing Shoes to be the most beautiful story he has ever written. It is simple tale of a young girl, too often awkward and clumsy, who one day receives a gift given out of pure kindness and love.
The story is a story about magic, not magical potions or magic wands. No Fairy Godmother changes young Claire, the girl in our story’s, life. but when she receives a pair of ballet slippers hand crafted just for her, we discover magic of the heart. $10.95


The Tiny Angel

Faith involves so many things. One of these is patience.
The Tiny Angel waits in Heaven for 1200 hundred years for her chance to serve God. But she is smaller than a grain of sand. What could God need from someone as small as her?
All of us are as big as our spirit within. Jophelia, The Tiny Angel learns this when her chance finally comes and she must travel from heaven to Earth with the most precious substance in creation tightly clasped within her two tiny hands. $10.95


The Green Apple Tree

Two young lads learn a life lesson with the help of a farmer in The Green Apple Tree. There is a time to plant and a time to reap. In this charming folktale, two brothers, the younger led by a seemingly wiser older boy, find out first-hand how a simple act of forgiveness and can prepare them for the future.
Boys, like apples on young trees need time before they can bear a harvest of fruit. $10.95


The Boy Who Slept in the Doorway

Doque Thang has a most unusual job. He sleeps on the floor in the doorway of the bedroom of the Governor General’s daughter. He is 10 years old and four feet tall. Should anyone enter the Presidential Palace and try to harm her, he will be stepped on and cry the alarm. For this job he is given soup and clothing. He dreams of shoes and freedom. $7.99


One Ruble 37 Kopeks

One ruble 37 Kopeks won’t buy too much in the communist Soviet Union. But For twelve year old Olya Petrenko it is more than a fortune. It is enough for 12 ice creams or 20 pencils or 3 magazines or maybe something special her whole family can enjoy. She knows what one ruble 37 kopeks can buy, but first she will have to earn it. This is an amazing look at family life in the former Soviet Union. $7.99