Our best books for children 4 to 8

A Woop in my Soup

Take a look at our silliest book A Woop in my Soup. This lighting-fast paced rhyming book teaches the lesson that you should treat other people  the way you would like them to be to yourself.

Hardcover edition $14.95

Doctor Seuss times ten!
If you forget to do this, you will get a visit from a Woop, a twelve inch tall hippie who likes to put his feet in your dinner. Children ages 4 to 8 are always delighted by the language and color of this tremendously funny kid’s book.

The Mouse and the Cuckoo

Here is a book for the child with a gentle heart. The Mouse and the Cuckoo tells the story of a a funny little mouse dressed in overalls who makes up his mind to rescue his dearest friend, a captive cuckoo bird. He climbs up the chain to reach the clock and leaps inside to meet the cuckoo.

Hardcover edition $14.95

This is a story of true friendship that will bring tears of joy to your eyes as your child learns the importance of finding and freeing one’s inner voice.

I Spotted A Spotted Giraffe

Some of our books are silly and some are sentimental, but I Spotted A Spotted Giraffe is a bold adventure.     Best for children ages 4 to 8, this rhyming story is filled with clever word usage in the form of double word sentences like I Spotted a Spotted Giraffe or I tracked him by his tracks.

Hardcover edition $14.95

  In this exciting story, a little boy who likes to pretend he is on safari, searches the neighborhood park for a giraffe he is certain is somewhere in there hiding. And guess what? There really are giraffes hiding in the park!

I Dreamt I Was A Princess

Better keep your happy tissue box ready when you read I Dreamt I Was A Princess. This charming story explores the magic of father daughter relationships where in the eyes of Dad, every little girl is a Princess. Although the story was written for children 4 to 8, girls as young as two will still enjoy the beautiful costumes and castles inside.

Hardcover edition $14.95