Our best books for children Ages 3 to 6.

I Sat Beside An Elephant
Your child is sure to enjoy our most popular book ever… I Sat Beside An Elephant ! When one little red haired boy’s imagination gets the better of him he thinks an elephant is sitting beside him at the bus stop. In this delightful rhyming tale for children ages 3 to 6 animals keep popping up and keeping the child from studying for school.

Hardcover edition $14.95

Eventually the little boy convinces the animals to hide, and leave his imagination so that he can try to read his book. The story has a fabulous surprise ending that children never get tired of seeing. Look inside I Sat Beside An Elephant and see the ending now!

The Blue Berry Red Cherry New Berry Tree
Ever wonder when happens when you combine a Blueberry and a Cherry Seed? Tremendous magic can grow from a couple of seeds accidentally planted. In this simple rhyming allegory, a brother and sister accidentally combine a blueberry and a cherry to create something magnificent in this picture book for ages 3 to 6…

Hardcover edition $14.95

I Woke Up In a Tree

Don’t play too hard and fall asleep at the bottom of a tree. When you wake up you might find yourself high up in the tree’s branches.The little girl hero of I Woke Up In a Tree, wakes up and wonders how on earth did she every get up into this tree?

Hardcover edition $14.95

Children ages 3 to 6 love reading these rhyming couplets filled with ridiculous explanations. Did she fly on the wind of a tiny tornado? Did a mother bear think she was a cub and place her safely up above?