Our books for Intermediate Readers

The Heart of Nine Tigers

The Heart of Nine Tigers is a story with a huge secret! Nine year old Su Tai refuses to leave her village in Northern China even when ten thousand soldiers, led by the emperor Genghis Khan will soon overrun the town. She tries to find one person brave enough to stand with her but no one, from the strongest to the wisest will stand beside her. This fun story is loaded with clues as to her special secret that are all revealed at last. But your 8 or 9 year old reader will have to reread the book to find the clues.

With this book kids learn that true courage is not found with 10,000 soldiers standing behind you. True courage is what each of us must do when faced with challenges in our lives. $12.95


Alligators Can’t Stand Butterflies

Did you know that Alligators Can’t Stand Butterflies? We thought everyone did? Most people don’t know that Birds Don’t Like to Barf either. These are just two of the ridiculously funny but tremendously educational short stories in our wonderful book about the animals, plants and insects living at the Saint Marks Wildlife Refuge.

The refuge is a tough place to live… unless you happen to be a big hungry ‘Gator!
Kids learn great facts about nature in this marvelous book for both boys and girls ages 7 to 12. $12.95