Our fairy tales for children age 7 and up

The White Handkerchief

Our newest fairy tale, The White Handkerchief is a heart tugging story about a small boy and his grandmother. Every year on his birthday she gives him a white handkerchief tied at the top with a piece of string. And in each gift she has managed to place the keys to his latest dream.
Wisdom and youthful enthusiasm melt together here to create joyous magic. Here is story no grandmother and grand child would ever want to miss sharing together.
The White Handkerchief is a journal for a lifetime of love. $10.95

The Dancing Shoes

Author Keith Lawrence Roman considers, The Dancing Shoes to be the most beautiful story he has ever written. It is simple tale of a young girl, too often awkward and clumsy, who one day receives a gift given out of pure kindness and love.
The story is a story about magic, not magical potions or magic wands. No Fairy Godmother changes young Claire, the girl in our story’s, life. but when she receives a pair of ballet slippers hand crafted just for her, we discover magic of the heart. $10.95

The Tiny Angel

Faith involves so many things. One of these is patience.
The Tiny Angel waits in Heaven for 1200 hundred years for her chance to serve God. But she is smaller than a grain of sand. What could God need from someone as small as her?
All of us are as big as our spirit within. Jophelia, The Tiny Angel learns this when her chance finally comes and she must travel from heaven to Earth with the most precious substance in creation tightly clasped within her two tiny hands. $10.95

The Green Apple Tree

Two young lads learn a life lesson with the help of a farmer in The Green Apple Tree. There is a time to plant and a time to reap. In this charming folktale, two brothers, the younger led by a seemingly wiser older boy, find out first-hand how a simple act of forgiveness and can prepare them for the future.
Boys, like apples on young trees need time before they can bear a harvest of fruit. $10.95