Popular Chapter Books

The Boy Who Slept in the Doorway

Doque Thang has a most unusual job. He sleeps on the floor in the doorway of the bedroom of the Governor General’s daughter. He is 10 years old and four feet tall. Should anyone enter the Presidential Palace and try to harm her, he will be stepped on and cry the alarm. For this job he is given soup and clothing. He dreams of shoes and freedom. $7.99


One Ruble 37 Kopeks

One ruble 37 Kopeks won’t buy too much in the communist Soviet Union. But For twelve year old Olya Petrenko it is more than a fortune. It is enough for 12 ice creams or 20 pencils or 3 magazines or maybe something special her whole family can enjoy. She knows what one ruble 37 kopeks can buy, but first she will have to earn it. This is an amazing look at family life in the former Soviet Union. $7.99


Bartram and the Blue Morning Glory

When you are a Mouse, finding a fresh warm bag of popcorn can seem like a miracle. But is that what miracles really are, wonderful gifts that fall from the sky. Or are Miracles gifts to the earth from God? A magnificent Blue Morning Glory Flower sprouts from the sand to answer this question. Through his epic adventure Bartram the beach mouse learns, and in turn teaches the reader, that miracles of nature are happening around us. $15.95


The Midget Green Swamp Moose

The rural panhandle of Florida in 1963 is a distant journey back in time for today’s kids surrounded by iPhones and Netflix. But finding one’s faith when times are filled with struggle and sadness is a timeless experience.
Here is our book for the child age 11 and up who looks within their self for answers. In The Midget Green Swamp Moose, sister and brother, 11 year old Melanie and 12 year old Brett, learn that faith will always find a ready heart and that laughter seeks a saddened soul. $11.95