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Bartram and the Blue Morning Glory

When a beautiful blue flower unexpectedly appears, Bartram the beach mouse convinces his fowl followers that the Heavenly Blue Morning Glory must be a blessing and gift from nature. Through the eyes and heart of this plucky little mouse young readers are given a chance to see for themselves how every day, miracles are happening all around us. $12.95
Recommended for ages 8 to 12

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Product Description

Young readers are given a chance to see for themselves how every day, miracles are happening all around us. “Bartram and the Blue Morning Glory” is a delightful look at the wondrous happenings that are constantly occurring in unique animal habitats and in nature all around us.
Bartram is a Santa Rosa Island Beach Mouse. There aren’t too many of his kind of mouse around any more. Floods and predators have caused the beach mouse population to dwindle down to just a few thousand mouse “cousins.”

Product Details

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Bartram and the Blue Morning Glory is a 128 page laminated heavyweight soft cover children’s book. It is printed in the United States using U.S labor. It measures 8.25″ wide by 10.25″ tall with a thickness of .25 (1/4)”. The book is printed using childsafe toner on 110# bright white super smooth offset paper with a brightness rating of 100%. The book is stitched, glued and precreased so as to make it more durable than most hardcover editions.

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