Giraffe Cover

I Spotted A Spotted Giraffe

I Spotted a Spotted Giraffe is a story about a a little boy who is always pretending to be one thing or another. One day while pretending he is on safari in the neighborhood park he is convinced he saw a real giraffe in his binoculars. He goes on a wild adventure in rhyme trying to track down that darned giraffe. $14.95
Recommended for ages 4 to 8.

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Product Description

I Spotted A Spotted Giraffe combines clever wordplay, in the form of double word sentences, with a fun story to create a wonderful reading experience for children.

The story is a joyous look at how simple things such as shadows from the setting sun can shape a child’s imagination. This twenty-four page full color illustrated picture book is a wonderful blend of light hearted storytelling with superb drawings.

One’s eyes and mind can play tricks on them when night begins to fall inside the playground park. Shadows take on funny forms.  A slide might become a giraffe. Small bushes become a jungle and every sound takes on meaning for a young boy looking for an afternoon adventure.

Product Details

I Spotted A Spotted Giraffe is a 28 page laminated hardcover children’s book. It measures 8.5″ wide by 10.5″ tall with a thickness of .375 (3/8)”. The book is printed on 100# bright white smooth offset paper. The book is sewn, glued and precreased so as to make it more durable than many hardcover editions.

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