Alphabet Cover

The Amazing Animal Alphabet

A unique animal for every letter!

Children love animals, so what better way to teach them the alphabet than by combining a collection of wild creatures big and small with the ABCs. The Amazing Animal Alphabet is a special alphabet book. There is a rhyme at the bottom of each page which makes the book much more fun to read. $14.95 
Recommended for children ages 2 to 6.

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Product Description

The Amazing Animal Alphabet uses traditional serif style type to illustrate each letter teaching children to more easily recognize the correct shape.

A unique feature of The Amazing Animal Alphabet is that it is written at two different levels of reading and learning comprehension. The first level allows even the earliest reader to associate a letter with word structure. The second level is in the form of a rhyme also placed on the alphabet page. The rhyme is more complex and allows older readers to enjoy The Amazing Animal Alphabet.

Product Details

The Amazing Animal Alphabet is a 30 page laminated softcover children’s book. It measures 8.25″ wide by 10.25″ tall with a thickness of .25 (1/4)”. The book is printed on 100# bright white smooth offset paper. The book is wire stitched, glued and precreased so as to make it more durable than many hardcover editions.

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