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The Mouse and the Cuckoo

The Mouse and the Cuckoo tells the story of one gallant little mouse who insists on reaching out to, and making a friend of, a wooden cuckoo bird.
He is rejected and frustrated but never loses his faith, as the bird only responds by chiming the hour with a quick “Coo koo, Coo koo.” $14.95

Recommended For children of all ages.

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Product Description

When I first began to write The Mouse and the Cuckoo, my goal was to create a story that would serve as a bridge of understanding between autistic children and their parents.
As the book developed. I realized that my simple story of a mouse trying to speak with an animated cuckoo clock bird carried a greater message for all of us.
So many children are trapped within their physical shell. These are kids with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and dozens of other adversities. And, like my little cuckoo bird, each has a song in their heart.

Keith Lawrence Roman

Product Details

The Mouse and the Cuckoo is a 32 page laminated hardcover children’s book. It measures 8.5″ wide by 10.5″ tall with a thickness of .375 (3/8)”. The book is printed on 100# bright white smooth offset paper. The book is sewn, glued and precreased so as to make it more durable than many hardcover editions.

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So far we have sold around 50,000 books. And not a single book has been returned. But If for any reason you are displeased or unhappy with any of our children’s books you may return it for a refund.


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Here is story with a message I think every child needs to understand. That there is love inside all of us. Yeah, it’s a sentimental book but I like sentimental.

Henrietta Holloway, Sydney, Australia.

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Such a sweet book about true friendship and love.

K.T. from K.C.

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