Angled Stairs Cover

The Stairs up to There

An inspiring storybook for children of every age.

The blend of a gentle story by Keith Lawrence Roman and soft impressionistic drawings by Barbara Litwiniec is a perfect match, creating for the reader a tender sense of intrigue, that will guide both children and adults upward.
Recommended for age 7 and up

Product Description

Life is a wondrous journey…

“There’s nothing to be afraid of” is refrained throughout The Stairs up to There, as the young boy in the story slowly climbs a seemingly endless height of stairs on the huge hill beside his home.
As each tall step is conquered, he scrapes his knees and doesn’t dare look down below.
Encouragement comes in many forms as the young boy moves higher and higher up the mountain stairway.
Join him on his inspirational journey to learn what is waiting at the top of the hill.


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